Friday, May 1, 2009

#Twitter, #FollowFriday & Alonis.

A Twitter Love/Hate Post

After much thought and careful consideration, I have decided to post my #FollowFriday recommendations here, instead of on Twitter.

First and foremost, I really do enjoy following 90% of the ppl I follow on Twitter. Some of you, not so much.

Just being honest!
Thank goodness for TweetDeck. :-)

Cruise thru the list of accts I follow and see if any interest you.

Secondly, I obviously can not give #FF suggestions for every one that I want to, every Friday.

With all of that being said, let's get this Twitter Friday ritual out of the way, so I may get back to work...or surf the net...or play Guitar Hero, whatever. ;-P

#FollowFriday Yay Area PPL

These are the local folks in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. If you are local, friendly, funny & have something of value to offer, @reply me. I will be happy to add you, IF you're not a tool.

@Calamari Emeryville, CA
Brilliant designer (I say so, it must be true.)
Not only does he "design things", but he LOVES music & art.
Big plus in my book.

Twitter style: Content Sharer/Minimal Conversationalist

@pixel_jockey San Francisco, CA
A graphic designer that shares an abundent amount of content.
He converses. He is sweet. He contributes.
I click on 90% of the links he shares on Twitter. The 10% that I don't? I'm just too busy.

Twitter style: Content Sharer/Conversationalist

@JoshuaLionheart Oakland, CA
Josh is, well, Josh. He is a BIG teddy bear that has a heart of gold BUT is a wee bit sensitive. ;-P
He never pulls any punches & always makes me laugh. I couldn't imagine my Twitterverse without him in it. .com .gov .net and #InsideJokesAreOurSpecialty.

Twitter style: Social Butterfly/Conversationalist/Smart ass

@LishaBisha Walnut Creek, CA
An art director/graphic designer at @DiabloMagazine, an East Bay lifestyle publication that I have loved for years and also was sweet enough to post a micro article on @Calamari & I for their May 2009 issue.
She is witty, caring and just plain cool.

Twitter style: Content Sharer/Conversationalist

@LaneHartwell Alameda, CA
Lane is an extremely talented freelance photographer.
I met Lane for the first time at the Oscar Grant protests in Oakland and although we have not met up again in public, we do end up at the same events at the same time for the same purpose.
We both share a love of capturing the moment and the emotions present at the time. She just does it a LOT better than me!
She is insightful and passionate about her work and life. I appreciate that.

Twitter style: Content Sharer/Minimal Conversationalist/Thought Provoking

Bay Area Girls

@TheTateWay @SillysGood @BasilLeaf @Mactavish @kmcfarla @mahglotte @Egratto @meghan1018 @Adrigonzo @terrytoons
(I am sure I left some ppl out. Let me know)
These ladies are WICKED smart, kind & very friendly. They provide me a window into their daily lives and are always there to talk.
(sorry this is short girls. I needed to speed this post up! LOL XOXO!)

Twitter style: Content Sharers/Conversationalists

Bay Area Boys

@BlackMoz @KennethLove @LMLRadioHost @ClifSoulo @inferno10 @adrielhampton
These guys are genuine, goodhearted gents. Men that we need more of in this world.

*psst* Adriel is running for Congress (#CA10).
A local politician that is not full of B.S. (I had NO idea that was POSSIBLE! LOL)

Bay Area News Sources that SO deserve a lot of #FollowFriday Love
I am sure I missed some, again. Please let me know!

Yes, more for #FollowFriday

@TnslTwn Phoenix, Arizona
This man is F.U.N.N.Y.
There is not a celeb Twitter fight, celeb distress call or celeb trainwreck I will miss as long as I follow him.
He also is caring and has a great head on his shoulders.

Twitter style: Thought Provoking/Conversationalists

Brilliant & witty, this man has opened my eyes to a lot. I'm not really sure what, but he has.
This man knows business, design, art, marketing/branding, politics and how to treat others with respect.
I'm sure he knows a lot more, but it doesn't matter right now. What DOES matter is the fact that his bio states: Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
I instantly fall in love with anyone that makes a reference to The Princess Bride
. Nuff said.

Twitter style: Thought Provoking/Conversationalists/Content Sharer

PPL that I would seriously worry were dead if they stopped tweeting

They always make me smile, share information and will chat up a GOOD convo with you.

@DNas @1indienation @LouieC3 @orangearrows @marquearts @EmmaRileySutton @Zaibatsu @mangonocturna @winkfromblueyes

Random #FollowFriday

Some have called her and I the Bilderbergs of Twitter and others want to see us in a Tweet-off
This saga still is unfolding. ;-) LMAO!
Catch our mini Twitter story here (click me!)

Last, but CERTAINLY not least #FollowFriday for THIS post

Do I need to say it? You ARE following @BreakingNews, right?
Cause if not, I may have to kick your @ss

  • We bust our butts to bring you BREAKING NEWS 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We are a news WIRE service.
  • We are not to be confused with news agencies like NY Times, etc.
  • We are not here to replace your local news stations.
  • We are NOT Google, so don't ask stupid questions to BNO. You want to know more? Research it out. (Trust me, you would NOT believe how often we see this.)
  • We are NOT a bot or RSS feed.
  • We are humans and will error.
  • We try VERY hard to error as LITTLE as possible, but it happens and it happens to EVERY news source, AP, AFP, ETC.
BNO News Crew (@BreakingNews)
*This is not ALL of us. Just the ones you need to know*
The founder and the man we in the news room refer to as THE News God.

Editor located in Baja, Mexico

Editor located in Hayward, CA

Editor located in Ireland

Editor located in Chattanooga, TN

@Alonis (Me!)
Spokesperson located in Castro Valley, CA
But you were already following me, or else you would not see this. ;-P

That is all for this week's #FollowFriday

I know I missed a lot of you that I really enjoy following. I apologize. You know who you are. I love you. Please do not be offended!

If you belong in my local section and I just simply forgot to add you, @me.

Happy #FollowFriday y'all!
(Gawd I hate blogging)



Jr Deputy Accountant said...

This is SEXY!! and I didn't even know that you had a blog. YAY

ChristinaJade said...

The "holy crap you talk to each other" had me laughing so hard I cried! :)

Much love to you, and thanks for including me!

Alonis said...

Jr Accountant,
Thanks grrl! I really never wanted to admit that I DO blog. Guess the cat's outta the bag.

Alonis said...

That "holy crap you talk to each other" was PRICELESS. I too could not stop laughing my @ss off!